the new shows are beginning to air, very exciting. so far:
Californication‘s growing on me. i still think it’s gratuitous with the sexy time, and if duchovny weren’t in the role we wouldn’t care about the character, but the writing is pretty good.
Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style: i know it’s not going to be for everyone, but i love this show!! Tim is so nice and patient and he’s helping the poorly dressed, which is very important and underrated. he and Veronica Webb show up and help these girls clean out their closet and panty drawers, then they get new wardrobes, new hair and make up, and a designer black tie dress for an event. my only beef, i’ve got my own style already, but i want to go on a shopping spree with Tim Gunn.

Torchwood: i’m on the fence, or as Jonesy might say, “pants with mustard on ’em.” it’s very scifi, which i’m not huge on, but it’s funny and well written. while the pilot was definitely a pilot, it was a great smart pilot, with an easy in for the viewer. plus there’s a lot of sex with aliens and “pansexual” activity. besides, with lines like, “i hate you. i wish you were dead. call me back,” it’s certainly worth tivo-ing. what else is on saturdays anyway?
gallery 1988 had an amazing show at the beginning of july, “crazy4cult.” it was all work based on cult films. they’re releasing a print a month on the web site. the first two have sold out, but it’s cool stuff for sure and worth checking out. this will be the next piece available.