kvilleThe new series K-Ville premiered last night on Fox, starring Anthony Anderson and Cole Hauser. It’s another agro cop show, but this one is set in New Orleans post Katrina; hence K-Ville. The pilot was so full of clichés, I don’t know where to begin.
Anderson is the good cop who stayed while his old partner ran. One of the major plot points of the first episode is that his ex-partner swears he will regain Anderson’s trust; inevitably he dies. Close Up On: Anderson’s teary eyes.
Hauser is, yep, you guessed it, an ex-con whose record was “washed away” by Katrina. He gives the obligatory “second chance” speech, promising to do right.
John Carroll Lynch as their Captain, gets to deliver lines like, “There’s more loose ends than a whore house here!” Huh?
And finally, just so we really don’t forget that this is New Orleans people, there’s not one, but two references to gumbo; first Anderson says he needs some gumbo, “it’s what I do when I think,” and then at the end of the episode when the two “bond,” they head off for a bowl.
The best thing I can say about K-Ville is that Cole Hauser (who rocked in Dazed and Confused) looks pretty hot.