Chicks n’ geese n’ ducks better scurry, mm, hmm, hmm hmm out in the surry… Well, they weren’t scurrying, they were penned, but we went to the LA County Fair today, and there were chicks n’ geese n’ lambs n’ little tiny piggies, and gargantuan scary piggies. And cows, horses, goats, sheep, puppies, lots of animals, in pens, being stared at. The best part was the petting zoo; I got to watch LA youth, who’d never seen farm animals before, nervously pet goats.

Here’s what I ate: an Orange Julius smoothy, a pulled pork sandwich, fresh cut potato chips (amazing), kettle corn, i tasted fried coke (yucky), sliced caramel apple, a handful of P’Nuttles (sugared nuts), a couple bottles of water, and a double espresso. Bought some fresh made fudge to bring home. Here’s what I should have eaten, but didn’t have room for: French Dip, sourdough cheesy bread, funnel cake (I can’t believe I didn’t have funnel cake!), fried snickers bar (though that sounds like one bite too soon could be a caramel-ly scalding mess). I am super full. Here’s what noone should eat: BBQ Beef Sundae.

We paid a dollar to see a giant cow. As we were debating the merits of spending a buck to see said bovine, two women came out and told us it was money well spent, it was the biggest cow they’d ever seen. I couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t like one of those depression era carnival schemes. You know, they tell you it’s the biggest, smallest, what have you, then when they get you in there, it’s nothing special, but, they tell you that you don’t want to be seen as a fool, that you should go out and tell everyone it is the biggest, or smallest, or what have you, and then they’ll get taken too, so no one’s a fool. But it was only a buck, and it’s not the depression, and I have food for tomorrow, so, we went in and gosh darn if it wasn’t the biggest cow I’d ever seen. And then we went and ate something fried. The picture below shows just some of the fried items available. Top row left to right: fried frogs legs, deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich (rumored Elvis killer), deep fried veggies, deep fried smores. Bottom row left to right: Krispy Kreme chicken sandwich (chicken breast with honey on a donut… really), deep fried avocado, deep fried coke, deep fried twinkies. the neon sign offers “broasted” chicken, which I guess is a cross between broiled and roasted.

The thing about the LA County Fair, aside from just how much stuff you can buy that you don’t need, wind chimes, living wills, super mops, hand made brooms, massage chairs, Birkenstocks, the list goes on, and aside from how many things you can get fried on a stick, the fair really reminds you that Los Angeles is part of America.

The fair runs through next Sunday, Sept. 30th. Well worth the trip.