It was a big night on NBC last night, Heroes returned, and Chuck and Journey man premiered. Here we go…

heroes_promo.jpgI love Heroes. I loved this premier. It was fun, there was a great reveal about Hiro’s Hero (no spoilers from me), and it was good to catch up with the characters. It still left me with a lot of questions, but I guess a good season premier should set up a lot of questions. I had a couple minor problems. First off, do we really need to add new characters? Second, Parkman got divorced, Nathan Petrelli got divorced, couldn’t they think of another way to get rid of their wives? S’alotta’ divorce, that’s all I’m saying. Final problem, and I’m sure this is just me, and it’s a product of living in LA for too long, I knew two people in last night’s episode. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m super happy for them that they’re working, but it broke reality for me. Boo.

chuck.jpgChuck was fun. I don’t know if I’ll stick with it in the long run, not really my kind of show, but I’ll certainly give it another try. The basic premise is that Chuck is a mild mannered computer Geek, who accidentally sees all of the Governments secrets when they are sent to him in an image encoded email. Now he is caught between the NSA and the CIA and just wants to be a normal guy and meet a girl. Cute… we’ll see.

jmckidd_021.jpgJourneyman was not my cup of tea at all. I don’t want to say it sucked, ’cause that’s subjective and negative, but I didn’t care about the lead, I found the two love interests confusing, and I don’t know why he can time travel. It was compared, and not favorably, to Quantum Leap, by a friend. The premise, as I understood it, is that the title character suddenly starts time traveling without knowing why or how to control it. There’s an old love interest in the past, who I think is dead in the present, but am unsure, and he’s married, with a kid, and has a brother who’s a cop, but they’ve fallen out and I don’t think we ever learned why. If you feel confused after reading that sentence, imagine how I felt after watching the show. The one possibly fun thing about the show is the time travel aspect and the production design. In the 80’s segment of the show there was a fabulously awful blue women’s suit with big gold buttons and a guy was speaking on a cell phone the size of a brick.

95862_d1442b.jpgNot on NBC, but also premiering last night was The Big Bang Theory. A hot blond moves in across the hall from two dorks, wow, what a concept. Production design note, putting a guy in glasses with tape across the nose needs to stop, it’s so 80’s, so Revenge of the Nerds (wow, a Journeyman/The Big Bang Theory crossover where the lead from Journeyman brings the entire show, The Big Bang Theory, into the present… just a thought). Bad nerd jokes and bad blond jokes; two bad tastes that taste rancid together. I think this show is lousy and dated, but of course comedies that I think are bad generally do well with the mainstream. Sigh.

Had dinner last night at Ketchup, for the first time since the whole “soft opening.” Good, heavy, but good. The sweet potato fries are insane.