watchingtv1950ent1.jpgThere was so much new television last night, my brain is on partial overload. Let’s try to be organized about this.

the-private-practice-cast_454x300.jpgPrivate Practice was totally almost unwatchable. They began by putting Addison (Kate Walsh) at her old job, just to remind you she was on Grey’s Anatomy. Then we get to meet the quirky group of odd balls she’ll be working with: the newly divorced couple (Taye Diggs and Audra McDonald), the aging lothario (Tim Daly), the shrink who is a stalker (Amy Brenneman), the professor, and the rest. We are expected to believe, in the course of an hour, that Addison always dances naked in her apartment, that a mega-store manager cares enough about a customer to shut down part of the store so her therapist can help her, and that as a girl lies on the operating table bleeding into her womb, everyone stops to discuss things, “She could die.” “I know.” “I can stop the pain.” “Really?” “Really?” “Really.” The witty banter slayed me. But then I was never a fan of Grey’s Anatomy.

images.jpgDirty Sexy Money is over the top, and unbelievable, but fun. I’ll definately do a second episode, but come on, a red carpet funeral for a lawyer??

th-nup_105494_0136.jpgLife was way better than I expected. I know a lot of people find the lead stand-offish, but I really liked him, and I liked the whole Zen thing. I know I’m a sucker, but scenes where people comfort dying criminals always gets me, and it makes the character likable. Plus, I am a big fan of Robin Weigert, previously of Deadwood. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

I haven’t watched Bionic Woman yet. I know, I know, but I’m going to now, and will write about it tomorrow, along with Big Shots.