I held off on writing about Big Shots, and in retrospect, writing more fully about Dirty Sexy Money, until I let the weird feeling I had settle, and clarify itself. And now, days later, I’m pretty sure ABC is tranny-phobic. I hate to even think it, but it seems to me that now that it is no longer acceptable to make open jokes at the expense of the gay community, they’ve decided it’s okay to make jokes about and of the cross-gendered. And I’m sure there are examples out there other than the two I’m siting, but two new shows, on consecutive nights, on the same network, really sets off alarm bells for me.

I would like to clarify, so we’re all on the same basic page, that there is a difference between a drag queen and a transexual. A drag queen is a man in a dress, fabulous usually, but not even necessarily homosexual. Transexuals are pre and post op, they are actually making a change. Again not all transexuals are gay, just born in the wrong body. I have known transexuals who date gay men, transexuals who date only straight men, and some who date only women. To each their own.

Dirty Sexy Money – Billy Baldwin‘s character is about to run for senate, he’s married, and he’s cheating on his wife with a transexual. A transexual, not a drag queen. And yet when we see her, she’s obviously a drag queen; this is not a girl taking hormones, or doing electrolysis, etc. She wasn’t unattractive, but she was obviously a man.

Big Shots – This one was even more upsetting to me, because I felt they used her as the butt of jokes. This time it was specified in the script that she “was beautiful, she looked like a model,” and that the character had no idea she was a guy until the police busted them and they wound up in the same cell. There are very beautiful trannies out there, but they didn’t cast one. Once again, a man in a dress.

On Ugly Betty, which is also on ABC, Rebecca Romijn plays a post op transexual; obviously a beautiful one, but she was born a girl, those are her bits.

I wonder if ABC fears putting an actual beautiful transexual on television. Perhaps they worry no one will know she’s even a tranny, but regardless, the jokes are dumb, mean, and petty. “When it comes to sex, she’s the man.”

Disguise it anyway you want ABC, hell, put it in a dress and heels, it still feels a lot like homophobia to me.