I love Pushing Daisies! Finally, a new show I can get behind. That said, it will probably be critically praised, have a core of loyal fans, and get canceled. Knock wood, I’m just being jaded.

Premise: Ned (Lee Pace) has the ability to restore life with a touch. If he touches the person again, they die. If they remain alive longer than a minute someone else dies. As a child, Ned’s mom died, he saved her, the father of the girl next door, Charlot “Chuck” Charles (Anna Friel), died in her place. Then mom died anyway when she kissed him good night.

Ned grows up to become a pie maker (he’s obsessed with making pie, as that’s what mom was doing when she died in the first place), and uses his ability to solve murders for rewards. Until one day Chuck’s murder is on the news, and Ned can’t return her to death. She wasn’t just the girl next door, she was his first kiss and true love, plus he feels guilty about her father’s death. So Ned, Chuck, and Emerson Cod (Chi McBride), Ned’s business partner in the murder solving/reward business, solve Chuck’s murder.

Along the way we have a fabulous supporting cast. There’s Kristen Chenoweth, as Ned’s neighbor Olive Snook, who works at the Pie Hole (how great is a name like The Pie Hole?), and Ellen Greene (from Little Shop of Horrors) and Swoozie Kurtz as Chuck’s aunts.

The whole thing feels like Edward Sissorhands meets Dr. Seuss meets a children’s love story. The chemistry between Ned and Chuck feels real, and one can only hope the show runners find a way to allow them to kiss before too long. And then there’s the writing: Pie Hole (as already mentioned), Boutique Travel Travel Boutique, smuggling monkeys, names like Olive Snook and Deedee Duffield, and dialog like “I’ve been ruminating, and by ruminating I mean pondering, not chewing cud…” It all conspires to make me love this show.

From it’s candy colored, 1950’s world, to it’s “couple you wanna see kiss,” to Jim Dale‘s lovely narration, Pushing Daisies is a major win with me.