For anyone who checked out Spoon yesterday, or already liked them, here’s a treat, Spoon is the musical guest tonight on SNL (Seth Rogan is the host). Set your dvrs. My prediction, they’ll do The Underdog and Don’t Make Me a Target, if we’re lucky they’ll do You got yr Cherry Bomb, but the other two will be welcome as well.

Darjeeling Limited opened, rush right out and support quirky film making… It’s not getting very good reviews, but as previously mentioned in this blog, a mediocre Wes Anderson film is still better than most of what’s out there.

A couple of new words:

Blogy – A feeling of lethargy brought about by too much time spent blogging.

Mo’bile – What I am filled with when confronted with the monthly wireless bill.

Pet peeve of the day: People who would rather sit, double parked, in their cars at the base of Runyon Canyon, waiting for a parking spot, rather than park one block down the hill. They’re there to get some exercise, one would think, and yet they can’t climb up the hill to get to the hilly trail… stupid people.