Celebsighting: Andy Dick drunk and yelling into his cell phone at the bar at Dolce. The cute German bartender tried to ignore Andy’s yelling, “Hey, Duselldorf,” to get his attention. How screwy is this guy?

SNL was great this weekend. I think they’re really hitting their stride again. Last year was a little rocky, settling from Tina Fey’s departure for 30 Rock after such a successful run as head writer, but Seth Meyers has really stepped up to the plate. Of course it never hurts to have great comedy talent hosting, which Seth Rogan is, and fun bands performing, which Spoon did this past Saturday.

The opening monologue was only okay, and there were one or two sketches that were “meh” (the pioneer thing at the end, the first colonists sketch), but over all, very high quality. Rolf and the Swedish Chef was one of the best things I’ve seen in forever! Seth Rogan naturally sounds a bit like Rolf, and Andy Samberg does a great Swedish Chef… Maya Rudolf as Janice, Fred Armisen as Animal… amazing. Also, the spoof reality show Biggest Douche Bag reminded me of way too many people here in L.A.

One joke to amend. Seth Meyers said, during the news, that Bush didn’t pass the children’s health bill because he hates children, and that’s really not true and paints the president in an unfair light. He only hates poor children.

Spoon rocked. No more need be said about Spoon.

Keep it up SNL. I’ll always Tivo you, but this season it seems like I’ll actually watch you. Yea.