They say we don’t have seasons here in LA, but I know that not long before summer it was Pilot Season, and this is surely Fire Season. Jeepers! I know you’ve all seen this on the news, but it’s cri-zazy, yo! From the top of Runyon, it’s too hazy to see much to the west, and in Santa Monica it’s smoky. This is why I live on the East Side, not as much fire. We still have to deal with the threat of quakes, but not as much fire… Which reminds me, I must tell my landlord that there’s a lot of new cracks in my dry wall, due to recent seismic activities.

But I digress.

Malibu is on fire; celebrities are displaced. Olivia Newton-John has had to evacuate as has Mel Gibson. My sympathies go out to Olivia Newton-John.