Another stellar episode of Pushing Daisies, and the good news is, ABC knows a good thing. Variety reported today that it has been picked up through the spring. Hooray!

Favorite moments this week include: the opening with Digby the dog (I’m a sucker for Goldens); the bedazzled, taxidermy-ed pigeon; a literal one armed bandit which allowed Chai McBride to say “put your hand up;” a decades old prison love affair between Lefty Lem (Dash Mihok) and Elsita (Jayma Mays, who played Charlie on Heroes and plays a different character named Charlie on Ugly Betty); and my favorite moment, Kristen Chenoweth and Ellen Greene singing They Might Be Giants’ “Birdhouse in Your Soul.” I only wish the musical number had been longer.

Hmm, Kristen Chenoweth in my favorite moments again, I’m seeing a pattern here. For me, it might as well be Pushing Chenoweth.