It looks inevitable, the WGA will be going on strike Monday, unless there’s a hail Mary play over the weekend. I’m sure you’ll all fill your time reading my blog, re-reading, going back through the archives, etc. etc., but here’s a few other suggestions of how to keep busy once the networks have nothing but reruns to show.

1. Read a good book! Children’s Book Week is November 12-18. Read a book to a kid you like, or even to your inner child. (suggested reading: From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, The Tale of Despereaux, Half Magic)

Get crafty! There’s a craft renaissance happening, and anyone can join in (I’m needlepointin’). Check out Craft Magazine, Craftster, and Crafter’s Market for inspiration, discussion, patterns, and supplies.

Do your taxes early. By the time we’re running out of first run television it will be January, February; perfect time to get your taxes out of the way.

Learn to cook some new dishes. Take the time to perfect that high maintenance dish that takes time to make, and you’ve always thought, “if I had a couple free hours, I’d try that.” Check out Yum Sugar, The Recipe Goldmine, or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, Gode Cookery.

Get out of the house!! Go hiking, volunteer on a weekend, help an elderly lady across the street, throw the ball around with the neighbor’s kid, just god, please, as long as there’s nothing new on TV, let’s all get off the couch.

Although, you could always just catch up on shows you’ve never watched online, and there’s always dvd rentals of shows, and bit torrent…