I know I made jokes earlier, and I stand by my statement about most writers’ looks, but now I’m mad. Ran into a writer friend (who will remain nameless) striking by the Sunset Gower Studios, and the stories he told me really pissed me off. I’m going to start leaking things I’m hearing.

First, and not anger-making, but upsetting – I was told by a reputable source at Heroes that episode 11 has been re-written as the season finale.

Second – The strikers at Sunset Gower’s lot B, the producers’ lot, this morning had to deal with studio execs. and producers aiming their cars at the strikers. The EP for Talk Show with Spike Feresten was hit and had to be taken to the hospital… are you fucking kidding me with this shit???

My first thought was to keep this to myself, but with the advent of the interweb, if these people don’t want to be known as assholes, they shouldn’t act like assholes. I only wish I knew who was driving the car that hit the show runner so I could publish the exec’s info.