Halfway through the second week of the writers’ strike, and who knows which way the wind is blowing. Variety reports there’s no movement, one manager I know claims this will all be settled after Thanksgiving, a lawyer says after the New Year, and the writers I’ve run into (they’re all out having lunch at Kings Road Cafe and such, with their wives) seem prepared to walk the lines for months to come.

So far only one real casualty in my viewing, Saturday Night Live, which was really hitting its stride this season. That last episode with Brian Williams was a doozy. Who knew Brian Williams was funny? It’s re-airing this Saturday, because the writers are on strike.

If you haven’t seen Voices of Uncertainty, it spells it all out for you. Made by an anonymous member of United Hollywood, it’s been viewed over a hundred thousand times over at YouTube (so you’ve probably seen it, but if you haven’t…).

Now that you’re up in arms, wondering what you can do to help? Go to fans4writers.com to get involved. They’ve got great faq pages that explain what’s going on and why, links to the main petition and the wga strike location listings, and ways to get involved. They’ve even organized a weekly pizza drop for the picketing writers for the duration of the strike. So what are you waiting for (Lefty)? STRIKE!