The Good(s) on the strike: As of today, the end of week two, still no movement; lots of nastiness and mud slinging, but no movement. My favorite press moment of the week was in Wednesday’s Variety, when it was reported that “Everybody Loves Raymond” producer Phil Rosenthal is offering free dinner to any conglomerate chief willing to sit down and talk, at any of the restaurants in which he’s an investor. Mozza is one of those restaurants. To any conglom chiefs reading my blog – and I know there are many – go, what harm could it do? Get the white pizza!

The Bad news is Serendipity 3 in NYC was closed due to health code violations. The thought of Serendipity being unclean is so distressing. What was hidden in the frozen hot chocolate? What’s hidden in Mr. Bruce’s mustache?? The mind boggles. It’s not closed for good though; it’s due to re-open next week, by then they’ll have to be up to code. Gar! What’s happened to my childhood???
(The obvious answer is that it’s long gone, but let’s not get into that.)

The Sexy new star of Dexter, Jaime Murray, was sitting next to me at Le Pain Quotidien this afternoon. I’m a big fan of her work, both on Dexter and previously on the BBC’s Hustle, and several of my male friends think she’s the sexiest woman on television. I told her so and she laughingly told me to pull up a chair. Had I not been on a date, I would have, much to her dismay I’m certain. She was funny and charming, and she’s a hell of an actress.