Okay, first Laci Peterson was abducted and killed by her husband Scott (he’s on death row in San Quentin).

Now, there’s a guy in Guadalupe named Hans Peterson (that’s him in the picture, creepy, right?), who became a French national, then killed his physician, Dr. David Cornbleet, and now can’t be extradited. His children have set up a petition to try and get the French government to allow his extradition.

AND now Stacy Peterson (it even rhymes with Laci Peterson), Chicago mom, is missing, and Police Officer husband Drew Peterson is suspected of having killed her and disposed of the body.

I don’t want to be an alarmist, but if anyone out there is getting into a relationship with someone who’s last name is Peterson – or you’re hiring someone, or going to a new doctor, or your child has a new homeroom teacher whose name happens to be Peterson – maybe rethink things… and run.