A beautiful day in LA, low 60’s crisp and sunny. From the top of Runyon I could see the reflection of the Ocean, it was that clear (that’s some Jewy syntax). I may bitch about living here, but mid-December being outside in an unzipped sweatshirt… not so bad. While Los Angeles may not be a city in the sense of “teeming metropolis,” it’s still an urban mass with certain charms, if one is open to perceiving them as such. My neighbor has embraced the holiday to the extent of putting a giant, inflatable, mechanized Santa on his roof, along with reindeer. You don’t get that in NYC. I was going to take a picture, but everyone is deflated at the moment and it looks pretty sad and defeated. Hopefully he’ll re-inflate, and I’ll post then.

Amused as always on my walk of Runyon today. There was a boy in the avocado tree across the street, about 20 feet up. He asked if I wanted an avocado, I declined and urged him to be careful.

The two best random conversations overheard on my walk:

Guy 1 -Her and Dan get along great.
Guy 2 -They fucking should. They’re both fucking star fuckers.
Guy 1 -I knew there was a reason.


Guy 1 -You know that old lady who lives next door to me? She finally died. Her name was Myrtle. She had a stroke two years ago and just lay there in bed until she finally died.
Guy 2 -How awful. Poor Myrtle.