I’ve lived in my apartment now for five years, I know my neighborhood pretty well. I live just south of Sunset in Hollywood; on the north side of Sunset is Bossa Nova, a Brazilian restaurant that’s open late. I order in with some frequency – again, they’re open late – but rarely actually go there, in fact I think the other day was the first time. Imagine my surprise when I saw this on the opposite side of the street from my block:


If you can’t make it out, the sign says that across the boulevard from me is Famous Amos Square! It’s the site of the world’s first chocolate chip cookie store. Hello, how did I never see this before?? For those who don’t care, or don’t understand why I do, the Famous Amos cookies you can buy now are nothing compared to what they were when Wally Amos owned the company. They were small and crunchy and had big macadamia nuts in ’em. Mmmm.

(Do macadamia nuts help one study or retain scholastic information?)

Took some pictures of the craziness going on next door, wish I could get some good ones during the day, but it looks like they have to re-inflate daily and leave it until after dark. Here’s the best I could manage:




I wish you could see it in action, the carousel spins.

Finally, but probably most important: go listen to some Sinatra, today would be his ninety-second birthday.