My first apartment in LA was in Beachwood Canyon, over on the East Side, a super cute little building from the 40’s (?) that was built by MGM to house starlets. There were stone lions at the top of the cobbled drive, cut out areas which used to house murphy beds, and pass doors between the apartments, which had long since been sealed. I loved to imagine girls in their 20’s dashing back and forth in peigniors, borrowing hair pins and cold cream.

One of the best things about living there was the proximity to Vito’s Pizza on Vermont; it was as close as you could get in LA to a real slice. And then they closed. And then I moved. Sigh.

So now I’m in West Hollywood and Vito’s has re-opened on La Cienega! I know it’s hard to believe, but I think their pizza is even better than before. I asked if they’d changed the dough recipe and while they wouldn’t tell me what they’d done, they said yes it is different and better.

The pizza is thin and crisp, with just the right balance of cheese to sauce. The dough is close to perfect, with crunchy crust and soft air bubbles at the top of the pie. I’ve been to the new location several times now, and the choices range from plain (perfect) to white with veg, from white pizza with pesto to basic pepperoni. I finally ordered one in today – THEY DELIVER AMAZING PIZZA!


I took this second photo so you can see how thin the slice is.

So if you’re a New Yorker living in LA (or from Jersey, Conn., Philly, etc) get your ass to Vito’s. If you’re in the Hollywood area – 310 652 6859 for delivery joy. I mean, hey, it’s still not home, but it’s pretty darn close.