Spotted last night at Dolce, Justine Bateman; she looks good, super cute and smiley; her hair is much better now. She came into the restaurant years ago, when it first opened and we were getting lots of celebs. I happened to be standing at the front podium when she entered, and while i didn’t know who she was, she was startlingly familiar. I asked her if we’d gone to high school together or camp. She said no, brusquely. I was taken aback, asked how she could be so sure, explained I’d been to high school on both coasts, but she was adamant. Fine. So I went to Mike “Boogie” Malin and asked if he knew who she was; he said yes, Justine Bateman. Ah ha! Malory, I knew I knew her in high school!

American Idol started last night, and it renewed my desire for an end to the writers’ strike. Not because it’s left us with reality dreck, but because I want to see Poehler do her Paula Abdul impression. The first hour brought me to tears because Americans are fat and sad.

Finally, OJ’s had his bail doubled for contacting a co-defendant while in jail. It’s amazing that some people never think the rules apply to them. They only don’t apply to me. Stupid people.