One of the things I do, as a New Yorker living in LA, to make me feel connected with home and my family who are still there, is pay an extra three dollars a month to DirecTV to get the East Coast feed of ABC. So randomly, in the middle of the night, or whenever, I’ll watch local ABC news out of New York; it’s so rewarding, not only do I get to feel relieved I’m not suffering through winter (it’s only in the 20’s today), but I also get to see odd, “only in New York” moments.

A building in Williamsberg, Bklyn, was evacuated on Sunday by FDNY. Not only did they have sprinkler and loft conversion violations, but there was an illegal Matzo factory in the basement. Awesome. Illegal Matzo, completely undocumented, no prescriptions needed; just a good hook up.

This raid is just another example of New York City’s unfair treatment of the Jews.