I was having coffee and there was one of those annoying screens with photos of news with captions, stock info, and several different scrolls of infotainment feed going by. Suddenly an item listed from E! online: Jimmy Kimmel buys Gary Coleman’s pants. Excuse me??

Turns out Gary Coleman, using an assumed Ebay name, auctioned off a pair of his pants on Ebay. The winning bid was… wait for it…$400,000. Wow! But the buyer never paid. Somehow Jimmy Kimmel swooped in and bought them for the discounted price of only $500. They are a pair of size 12XL-Regular Gap Kids sweats.

This is so sad on so many levels. Gary Coleman needs money. He’s selling off his pants. His pants people! Someone considered paying almost half a mil for them, and then Jimmy Kimmel spent half a grand. And the saddest part of all, Gary Coleman wears Gap Kids.

Don’t you hate it when you run into some other kid in the school yard wearing the same thing as you?