“I love your coat. You’re such a brave woman.” – Tiffany

Last night, as we all know, was the 80th broadcast of the Oscars. Oh Oscar! Oh Boredom! Has this show ever been good, really? As though the awards aren’t self-congratulatory enough every year, this year’s was even more solipsistic than usual. Boy oh boy, an Oscar tribute to the Oscars. Jon Stewart was a let down, and it seemed as though the writers never returned.

I was “lucky” enough to go to a black tie viewing party hosted by APLA at The Abbey. Talk about LA. Pretty men in pretty suits being served by even prettier boys. Ah, to be an A-Gay in LA; even life is pretty, especially when you wear Dior sunglasses at night. You couldn’t hear the TV’s over the dinner – though watching back on Tivo I didn’t miss much.

The highlights of the evening, show-wise, for me, were Kristin Chenoweth‘s performance and Daniel Day Lewis‘ win (I did wonder if he’s working on a project playing Oscar Wilde). The highlight of the evening party-wise, Tiffany sitting at my table.


I look a bit like a deer in headlights, Tiffany’s used to being photographed. I wish you could see the color of her dress – it was 80’s horror blue, so was her eyeshadow, but she was super sweet.