One can assume, I believe, that all the support staff on the campaigns are not just there to help with the speeches and handshaking, but also to tell the candidates, and their spouses, what to wear, how to appear approachable, etc. So what is going on, over at Obama’s camp, with the styling of Michelle? I hate to say it, but she’s looking a lot like Condi. It’s as though someone in their camp thought, well, this is how Americans accept a black woman looking.

Granted it’s no seperated at birth, but notice the flipped hair, the dark suit, the little pearl earrings… I would think they would have done Michelle’s hair more differently than “a messy” version of Condi’s That Girl flip. Not only do I question what it say about politics, but what does it say about politicos’ opinion of the American People and what we’ll accept? Open wide for pablum. Yum.