I just finished Hero by Perry Moore. What a fun read. Recommended by my good friend Roderic, he of the pithy comments, this book has all the elements of a page-turning, loose-yourself-in-it, where-did-the-daylight-go novel. It doesn’t punk out half way, but weighs in at a solid four-hundred-and-some pages, thoroughly exploring the hero, his world, his flaws, and his journey.

Hero is the story of a young man (17-ish), Thom, the son of a discredited super hero, who comes to terms with his both his powers and his sexuality. It has fun characters (Typhoid Larry, The Wrecking Balls, etc), high impact fight scenes, and a true emotional core, exploring Thom’s relationships with his parents, his team mates, and potential romances.

If you’re a fan of YA coming of age novels, super heroes, or gay teen lit, this is the book for you. Wow, how diverse.

Hey Ro, thanks for the rec. I pictured you as Thom.