Not only did we have a fun of ton manning the FanLib booth, but Melanie and I had a great time wandering the Javits Center and taking pix! Here she is with a storm trooper.

We saw Jedi and Indiana Jones and sexy harem ladies. We got schwag and stickers and pins. Melanie got interviewed by David Price of The Middle Show. He asked her when nerd girls got hot; she said they always were. That’s why she’s my best gal.

The highlight of the show, obviously, was Gaiman. Bill Hader intro’ed him, talking about what a rabid fan he is, how Gaiman’s brought him career luck, and doing some impressions of celebrities in Gaiman roles (Vincent Price as Coraline was hy-larious!). Mel videoed him doing Pacino “spitballing” idea on the set of Sandman… imagine Pacino as Sandman…

Anyhoo, Neil was fantastic. Funny, charming, generous of his time and spirit with his fans. He read some short stories, and then the third chapter of his new novel, The Graveyard Book, about a boy raised in a Graveyard by dead folk mostly. The book’s due out in October. Here’s a crappy picture of Neil reading.

I found footage of Neil talking about the CBDLF, from the very beginning of the reading, but the reading itself isn’t up yet. I’m sure someone will post it, there were lots of people with handheld digital cameras.

What a fantastic day.

On a completely different note, Happy Passover all. If you’re not a Jew, and you find it hard to remember what we do at Passover, just remember that while Passover and Easter are celebrated at the same time of year, our food is the opposite of Jesus: unrisen. Good Yontif!