Celeb sighting: Fisher Stevens walking his dog down Abbot Kinney – I almost knocked him down; I was stepping on cracks in the sidewalk.

When did Abbot Kinney get so gentrified? I knew there was a PinkBerry there now, but wow, it’s upscale boutiques from Venice to Main Street. And it’s become a “destination shopping” area; all along the street on a Saturday, women flit in and out of stores, pollinating the cash registers. As much as it’s weird, there are a couple really lovely additions to the block. At the south end of the street there’s a really cool – if overpriced – used bookstore and The Farmacy (same as the one in West Hollywood) has opened a clean, bright Venice location.

Proposed new names for the street: Hampton Kinney, South-by-South-West Hampton, and South Abbot Beach.