Went to the Kooks show last night at The Wiltern; they freakin’ rock! Man what a difference a couple years make. I had no idea they’d become so popular with the little girls. There were so many screaming tweens, crazy. I guess they’re getting mainstream radio play, good for them. Two years ago I saw them at Safari Sam’s which holds maybe two-fifty; The Wiltern holds two thousand.

The lead singer, Luke Pritchard, is a rock star in the best possible way; part Mick, part Keith, but those vocals are all his. He struts and stamps, and his voice is insanely beautiful – he did some solo numbers that were amazing – but when he speaks the accent’s so thick you only catch every fifth word. But the little girls don’t care, they were eating him up with a spoon.

Here’s some crap pix I took with me phone:

An aside, it took your intrepid and, normally, clever girl reporter eight years of living in LA to figure out that the Wiltern, on the corners of Wilshire and Western, is a combination of the words Wilshire and Western. Way to go intrepid and not so clever girl reporter!