Went to see Sex and the City yesterday evening – yes I went with a group of girls, no we didn’t wear Manolos. To be honest, the few pair I own are so painful after an hour or two, I never wear them, but they’re beautiful. Sigh. The theatre was practically women only; there was a lot of estrogen in the room. Too many previews and all sappy, girly movies. Just because I’m seeing Sex and the City doesn’t mean I want to see Sisterhood of Pants 2, Walk on the Beach 2, or any other Hallmark romantic treacle. But wow, if they can tap into a small percentage of the women who are turning out for this.. They totally underestimated how well this would do.

Anyway, the movie. Okay, it’s a movie of a TV show, so yeah, it was flawed. The good news, it was great to see our friends. They look great, they’re well dressed, I got teary when I saw how happy Charlotte is. I know they’re not real, but come on, we saw them every Sunday for years, don’t you feel like they’re friends who moved away?

The bad news. The movie goes up and down, the energy turns on and off. They all looked beautiful – I hope I look half as good as Kim Cattrall at her age – but Pat Field went a little crazy with the wardrobe. She’s always out there, but some of the stuff they put on Samantha was super ugly. The biggest problem – no pun intended – was Carrie’s relationship, once again. They just send all the wrong, Cinderella, Pretty Woman messages – stop reading if you hate spoilers – where it doesn’t matter how much the guy hurts or humiliates the heroine, she still loves him, and when they get back together at the end (what did you expect?) she apologizes to him. Bleh. Oh yeah, and the editing was very wierd.

But I liked it. Really. Manhattan looked terrific, it made me want to go home. There were some funny bits, quippy lines, Mexicoma anyone?, and over all I enjoyed it. Hey, I didn’t want my money back, and that’s really all I ask for any more.