Which, I guess, is what Curb Your Enthusiasm is…  but anyway.  I had a moment today in the car, where I thought, “if Seinfeld were in LA, George or Elaine would rant about this.”

I was driving west on Sunset, in Beverly Hills, and only one lane was open, because they were tree trimming.  About a quarter mile in the distance I could see a car in the middle divider waiting to merge with traffic.  By the time I reached the car at least twenty others had passed, not letting her in.  I, of course, slowed and let her go.  Here’s the Seinfeld-ian rant – she didn’t give me the thank you hand!  How hard is it to raise your right hand??  Gah!  I always thank people when they let me in!  In fact a couple hours later a guy let me merge right on LaCienega, so I could turn right onto Fountain, and I gave him a big right-hand thank you sign.  I feel like a Costanza.