I was lucky enough to get an early reviewers’ copy of The Shadow Year by Jeffrey Ford, and then it sat on the pile. Who knows, too many library books due back perhaps. So, I finally got around to it and now I’m caught between disbelief that I didn’t devour it right away and joy that I waited and got to read it now. What a great novel.

It’s a mystery, a memory, a ghost story, a sleepy/suspenseful summer. Set in the 50’s the book follows three siblings as they unravel a neighborhood mystery, but still live their summer, kid lives; they fear and chase, yet they bike and age too. I love books with teen protagonists, there’s usually a sense of optimism, even amidst the darkest moments, and The Shadow Year didn’t fail to deliver.

Jeffrey Ford’s prose is beautiful and poetic. Overall an enjoyable and subtle book.