Thanks for all the well wishes.  I”m fine… look, I”m even typing.

The story:  I cut my finger while washing dishes, probably should have gone to the hospital right away, but was busy being a big brave girl.  So, around five pm Melanie convinced me to unwrap it and have a look – ick, meaty.  Parker drove me to Cedars, where he dropped me off and went for cocktails. They said for just a couple stitches it should be just an hour.  Poor Jonathan came to “pick me up,” and wound up waiting with me for hours and hours.  So I got there at 8pm, they didn’t take me to a bed until 11 something.  Long story short – too late – by the time they got to me it was too late to suture.  So offered me an unneeded xray, cleaned me off, wrapped me back up, and sent me on my way.  Oh, Jonathan saw a celebrity in the waiting room, while I was being sewn up, but he couldn’t remember her name.

I’m super tired, but fine… let’s just wait and see what Cedars charges to do nothing.