Another catch up post… life gets so hectic.

Let’s see. First off, I was too right about Black Kids! Not only do I still love Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance, but the full length album is out, Partie Traumatic, and it’s great! I haven’t been this excited about an album since the first Kooks CD, or maybe the first Fratellis. It’s super 80’s, fun time, party disco. I’m Making Eyes at You is very Billy Idol (can’t help but think it’s a lil’ tribute), and they’re reminiscent of ABC, in the best possible way. Favorite tracks, today, are I’ve Underestimated My Charms Again and Look at Me (When I Rock Witchoo). Same advice as when they only had an EP: run out, buy music, DANCE!

Second: Congrats to DBK!! Not only is he getting married soon – chose a reading finally, Lou Reed – but The Lek is live! What’s the Lek, you ask? It’s a super cool, new dating/social website. So far it’s LA based, but it should expand rapidly. Unlike most dating sites it’s less about who you are and what you’re looking for than it is what you like to do and who you like to do things with. Check it out, they host some interesting events, and if you sign up early (read, now) you’ll never pay to email another member… which ultimately people will have to do. Be an early adopter, make Malcolm Gladwell proud!

I guess that’s it for now. I know I have other stuff going on, but I have to go deal with it. I wish FedEx would get here so I could leave the house. Sigh.