Man, have I been remiss, as to the blogging that is. So much change, so much anxiety, so much the same, ultimately. Phew. I just don’t do well with the uncertain moments. That said, here we are in August, summer’s just a’ flyin’ by. The supermarket is full of back-to-school supplies, and I’m feeling fall organize-y.

The fall always feels more like the New Year to me than January. Maybe it’s the Jewish Holidays, maybe it’s going back to school in September for so many years. Summer seems like the wind down of the year and I’m ready for the new one to start.

Anyway, I was inspired to get off my ass and blog, by some amazing pictures shared on Unusual Life. Jennifer Marsh, an artist, was tired of seeing a local, unused gas station, so she covered it in a quilted cozy. Amazing!