We all love the internet – what’s not to love? – but I’m getting concerned that we (and I include myself) are becoming convenience junkies. The biggest danger is the only shopping. I’ve learned to control the ebay impulse – you think drunk dialing is bad, you should see some of the wacky drunk purchases I’ve made – but I have a real online book buying problem.

First of all, booksellers email me about sales and with coupons, because I buy books, so I feel like I’m saving rather than spending. Then, whatever book your looking for, in or out of print, you can pretty much find an affordable copy somewhere on line… unless you want a first edition copy of Gravity’s Rainbow in hb. And, when you’re shopping on line it feels like fake shopping, there’s no money, no slips get signed, but then books show up. Genius.

Here’s what I’ve bought in the past month – mostly on impulse:

Les Jeux Sont Faits by Sartre

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

Absolute Sandman 3 by Neil Gaiman

A Tale of Time City (first ed) by Diana Wynne Jones – I’m slowly trying to collect her books first ed.

Widdershins, Dingo, and Memory & Dream by Charles De Lint

To name a few… Help! I need more book shelves.