And you all know how I feel about trim.

I went to the Pasadena Bead fair today… kinda queer, I know, but inspiring at the same time. A lot of ticky-tacky, but also some really beautiful hand spun, hand died wools, interesting product, and as promised, lots of trim.

My favorite discovery is a company called French Basketeer. They sell imported, hand woven French Moroccan baskets, organic cotton mesh bags for veg storage (among other things), and gorgeous rolling woven shopping baskets. Super beautiful stuff.

I bought some lovely blue wool that I’ll make into a… shawl? scarf? we’ll see. It’s floaty and fuzzy, so something lacy in the end, I’m sure.

Came home and futzed around then went and started training at a new restaurant tonight. Collective gasp. Yes, after five years at the Dolce, I’m thinking about moving on. Nothing set yet, still there, but starting this week I’ll also be working at 8 oz, the lil’ sister to Table 8. It’s a delicious burger joint on Melrose between Stanley and Spaulding. After training tonight they fed me; I had a burger (amazing), chocolate malt (yum), and white truffled potato skins (excuse me? yeah, you heard me). I’m still full and happy. If this job works out I’ll be a chubby Schinders before long. If you’re in the neighborhood, come on in and have some meat… I mean, you could have a fish sandwich or the veggie burger if you have to, but man that’s good cow.