I have to admit I can be a cynical, jaded beesh, especially when I think I’m being pithy, but even I have those moments of pure, unadulterated joy when I see certain things: puppies, unicorns, stupid people getting their comeupance, etc.  I had such a moment today, and it was exceptionally great because it was completely adolescent and allowed me to relive yet another great 80’s moment.

I was shoe browsing for the upcoming Bloom/Kurtz nuptuals (I have gold flats, but silver might be better) at the local Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse.  If you don’t know what that is, it’s a discount shoe palace with everything from sneakers to whore pumps.  Anyway I was trolling the aisles, when I came across a huge display of… Dr. Martin’s, Dr. Martin’s, Dr. Martin’s boots!

Super bad ass.
Super disco bad ass
Super patent bad ass (is there such a thing?)
Super original bad ass.
Girlie time!
and still more girlie time.

And when I tried on a pair I actually let out a small excited gasp.  Oh shoes of my youth, you are making me so happy.  Can you guess which pair I bought?