I’ve got a bunch of stuff to share, so let’s get to it!

First off, last Saturday I went to an animal adoption fair in West Hollywood, my friend Jennifer fosters animals and has some kitties that need homes.



If you want a kitty, lemme know.

Second, run out and get Raphael Saadiq‘s new album!  Formerly of Tony, Toni, Tone, Saadiq grew up in Detroit, the Motown Studios were practically in his back yard, and you can hear it in his sound. Dope dope dope!

Third, need a great xmas gift for someone?  Just had a kid and doing a room?  Want a groovy peel and stick blackboard just ’cause? Check out Wallcandyarts.com; i’m all about the Rococo Blackboard!


Fourth, yes, I’ll admit that I’m enjoying using salicious titles and tags.