Years ago my pal MJ and I were researching a project at the Museum of Film and Television.  Doing a search for shows on pilots (of airplanes) we found the pilot of a show from ’77 called the TV Show, starring Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Rob Reiner, Michael McKeon, and Billy Crystal.  It was sketch comedy all based on TV; kind of a precursor for the Boob Tube, but much much funnier.  I’m always telling people, “if you’re at the Museum of television, yada yada.”

Well, I was talking about it this morning, and thought hey, I’ll go see if it’s on YouTube: it is!  It must have aired as a special in the last few years.  Someone posted it broken in pieces.  Here’s the first, but go watch the rest. Hilarious, and at the end there is, what I believe to be, the first appearance of Tap.