The computer’s been in the shop, and while I had the old one to check email and such, it’s so slow, I haven’t been able to bring myself to sit through the interminable ball spinning that is trying to blog.  A week later the computer and I are back, and we wanted to share some stuff I’ve been working on, but first, some news.

I will be in two upcoming art shows!!! In February in LA at the New Puppy Gallery and in the Spring in NYC in a Law and Order Themed show!  More info as they get closer.

Okay, what am I doing now? Making a meat loaf and dirty braille Valentine’s cards. Braillentine’s?  Good name? Bad? Any thoughts?

Texts read: tonight i want to come, too happy valentine’s day; if you fucked me harder, i would love you longer; can i touch it?; and give me head more often!

All are available in me store.