Went to SF this weekend to deal with the mother. Woof. But the good news is I had an awful lot of fun getting drunk with good friend Marshall – hi Marshy! – and found the amazing store Loved to Death on Upper Haight!  Not only do they sell antiques, vintage clothes, and hand made marvels, but they have a whole wall of taxidermy!!! Plus, they have an etsy store or you can buy directly from their site. Here’s a smattering of the sort of stuff you might find:

I don’t know why the blog is insisting on putting this text next to my photos, but I’m done trying to figure it out.

Sorry this post is so strangely formatted.

It’s making me a little nuts.

Maybe if Ikeep typing single sentences, I can get past these pix, but isn’t their stuff cool?

Almost there…

Getting closer..



Now. At present I am working on a larger needlepoint (pics to come when I’m further along) that’s a bit unwieldy to travel with.  I took some scraps and just worked out some mom stuff.  I think this may have to be printed on a t-shirt at some point.