Well, am I chuffed??? Yes I am! You can call me Suzy Chuffee… oh, er, um, no, on second thought you can’t, but I really am excited!!  Not only am I featured over on the Mr. X Stictch blog, but it looks like they’re featuring me every Saturday this month – Swoon!  Too generous Jamie and Bridget!!  And so I’d like to return the favor and share some of their fantastic work with you.

First Jamie, or as he’s known around the web, Mr. X Stitch.  This first piece of his I am lucky enough to own; he made it for a NSFW swap last year.

And here’s a fantastic piece of spam stitching he did –

And look at this amazing Graf piece!!

His partner in crime, Bridget, or Beefranck as she’s known round these parts, does some fab stuff too.  She uses traditional borders and letters to communicate some pretty non-traditional messages.

It’s so flattering when people you admire pay you compliments.

You can see more of their work on Flickr (Jaime, Bridget) and their shop sells terrific patterns to make your own dirty bird needlecraft.  Now get stitchin’!!