I am in love with the work of Olly Moss.  He’s a design guy who’s swiftly moving into the art world.  He made his first “art print” for Gallery1988’s Lost project, and it’s been off to the races since then.  His stuff is being marked up and resold on Ebay for inordinate amounts (14x the original price???), so if you can grab something on it’s release, and you love it, you should!

image via RCPetersMusic.com

via Olly's Fickr

His imagery is so strong. You know what the piece is without reading the small print.

He’s also done series of movies and games as book covers:

via ideaschangeeverything.wordpress.com

via offworld.com

via heymister.net

He’s one of those artists who just has such a great sense of humor and aesthetic, I want pretty much everything he’s made.