So many Works in Progress over here, it’s a little overwhelming.  Keep making lists, crossing things off, adding things, and yet I’m still stitching, stitching, stitching.   Thought I’d share some, though nothing’s complete.

The big exciting news is that I’m being included in Hoopla, the new book by Leanne Prain, out next fall.  This is her follow up to Yarn Bombing, an awesome book about guerilla knitting and yarn graffiti.  Hoopla focuses on non-traditional embroidery work.  I’m not allowed to show you what I’m making, as there will be a pattern in the book (yes, I have to figure out how to write a pattern) and she’d like it to be brandy new.  I am allowed to show non-specific sneaky-peakies though, so here’s one:

And, what I can share, is that I’m participating in a bunch of upcoming shows at Gallery1988, both in their LA space and in SF!  They are hosting a Crazy4Cult show in SF this Sept, opening the 8th; all the work will be plush, 3D, and sculptural.  I’m making… wait for it… pillows! Shocker.  I’m so into pillows right now.  They are Heathers suicide pillows.  I’ve finished the embroidery for the first one, Heather Chandler’s pillow.



Okay, gots to gets back to the works.