Sorry. Too much alliteration (you know I don’t actually think that).

Went to a yard sale Saturday morning co-hosted by the lovely Simone LeBlanc (who has a blog almost as lovely as she is), mostly because she told me she had fabric for sale.  And did she ever!  I totally scored!  Here’s what I got for $8 (granted she sold it to me for that amount because she’s a nice girl and supports my artistic endeavors):

The Haul

a couple yards of a really nice thin wool

a small piece of liberty cotton (i think i had a dress made out of this when i was little)

a pretty little lace collar (look at the delicious little buttons!)

sweet embroidery on linen

not sure, think this might have been curtains – there’s frayed patchwork quilting on the… tops? bottoms?

a flamingo runner (have to see what i can do abut those stains)

this is linen, there are a bunch of scrap pieces

and several yard of this lovely wool/cashmere blend.

Am I the only person who loves selvedge?  The pretty petite pastel polka dots; the lovely letterings…