I was driving through Beverly Hills yesterday, and there are banners strung up proclaiming: Celebrate! 9/02/10!  Oh! My! God!  Now, I know they want me to celebrate Beverly Hills, but if you know me, you know I have a 90’s Spelling problem (I draw the line at Charmed, a girl’s got to have her limits; plus I worked on Charmed in the writers’ offices for a year and they weren’t very nice to me), so I am choosing to celebrate the celebrities of 90210.

The first night of The Twelve Nights of 90210… who to kick off with?  There were so many… may I call them luminaries?… who graced the Halls of West Beverly (and the beach club, the Peach Pit, UC…), but for the first night I have to choose Jessica Alba as a pregnant, unwed teen who allowed her baby to be adopted by – gasp!- gay men (although Kelly was originally small minded and tried to kibosh it).  I’d also like to congratulate Jessica on not becoming the next Mrs. Tom Cruise when he went shopping post Penelope.  Good for you Jessica!

Who will tomorrow hold?