I love doing random keyword searches in photo collections.  I love the slices of life and the oddities that don’t seem to fit, yet are super fab.  The Los Angeles Public Library has a great collection of photos online.  I did a search using the keyword “sewing.”  Here are my faves:

falling bricks by james ruebsamen

workshop session

doll's dress designer

valentines for dance

helena hofmanis sewing with her aunt by aleksandrs nuksa

jail holds "party" on last day (what does that mean? and why does this come up in a search for sewing?)

judging national sewing contest

manual arts high project

boys sewing, madison school

classroom fashion show by ralph morris

packing walnuts (huh?)

and finally, my favorite, and the least comprehensible, in terms of search topic:

young girl with antique rifle, veiws 1-2