Was totally fantastic! I got to run around with Mr. X Stitch, went to the Wellcome Collection, had fancy hot choc and scones at Fortnum and Mason, and bought too many books that I had to schlepp back, because I’m a dope and always do this to myself.  The only regret was how fast fast fast it was.   Here’s some snaps:

this is where Mr. X and I had pie and mash. I know that I ate something, because it had texture, but there was no flavor. The mysteries of British cooking.

this is the interior of the pie and mash place

Mr. X rinsing the taste of nothing away.

a fabulous hat from the knitting and stitching show (i'll post more of 'em later)

me outside the wellcome collection - the best, weirdest medical museum ever

mr. x stitch drinking as spot of tea, what what

me, pensive by the thames

a neighborhood watch sign. apparently the brits are terrified of meercats.

More to come!