One of the best bits of my trip – and my excuse for going – was the Knitting and Stitching show.  There were supplies, exhibition stuff, lovely crafty things to buy… a very big show that needed more than one day to thoroughly enjoy.

here's just one of the exhibition rooms

One of the people I got to meet that I was most excited about was Susie Vickery!  Susie’s a super talented artist who’s work I first discovered in Selvedge Magazine, they had an excerpt of her amazing It’s Not the Job, It’s the Cabbage.  I bought my Dad a paper puppet of William Morris that Susie made.  Pre-xmas score!

I didn't get pictures of her set up, but here's an example via

Another lovely crafter that I met was Rebekah McMullan aka Forgotten Stitches, who makes beautiful, modern items based on Victorian stitching and patterns.

if i had a beaux right now, i would have bought him one of these. they come in red leather too.

Then there was the work of Clyde Olliver; it was unlike anything I’ve seen – I want to write experienced – before.  Clyde stitches on rocks.  Yeah, rocks.  He drills holes in them and stitches through them.  His work is primal, and modern, and ancient all at once.  It reminded me of runes and yet seemed like code from some higher beings.  Amazing.  And, he’s lovely!

here's Mr. X Stitch next to one of Clyde's cairns, to give a bit of perspective.

Finally, and in classic “last but far from least” form, I was blown away by the work of Amy Twigger Holroyd (let’s not even talk about how I felt about her name, except to say it started with paroxysms and ended with joy), of Keep and Share.  Amy’s invented her own way of working with knits that she calls stitch hacking.

I know it's a crap photo, but there was no text on this sweater when she bought it second hand!!

Phew, that’s a lot of stitchy art.  So finally, here’s Mr.XStitch and I, after walking all over London (no really, we walked miles, it was amazing), down by the Thames.