Sorry about the terrible pun, it’s a sickness, I can’t be held responsible.  But the holiday happened and life got away from me and I haven’t posted in a dogs age… or at least two weeks.  Let’s agree it was a fortnight and move on.

I went up to San Francisco for Thanksgiving, which was a whole ordeal, but let’s not go there.  While in SF I stumbled across a fabulous Japanese store on Sutter St., called New People.  Everything there was cool – paper pipe robots, recycled paper plates that were like art objects, pop-up Advent calendars, stationary, art books…. if I had a lot of money I could have spent a lot of money.

One of the things that caught my eye (my mother saw me photographing and had to stop and say, “meh, I don’t think they’re that special,” but that’s because she’s negative and kind of judgey) were these cross stitched fake watches by Olex (who I can’t find any info on):

and these cross stitched digital watches by KShock (and when I search for KShock, it directs me to GShock, go figure).